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Tie PR Strategy Directly To Tactics For Best Results

One method for attaining higher quality results, is a PR process that embeds strategy within the tactical documentation for the client. MediaFirst identifies the desired, future positioning for a client. This is a view of how the client firm wishes to be viewed in a year. Since most of our clients are privately held, we work for executives that have shareholdings in their firm and want to increase valuation. To succeed we use a technique applied by excellent, venture-backed companies.

Social Media Merging Online Reputation, Personal & Business

The online craze that is social media or social networking is creating a greater overlap between an individual's personal and business reputations. For most of us, this phenomenon is most evident from Facebook. Facebook is now the largest of the social media networks, closely followed by MySpace. MySpace, however, is a younger demographic or heavily entertainment (notably music) oriented. LinkedIn is what many of us believe is the professional's online social network of choice. Yet, my rough guess says this is only true if you were born after about 1976, or so.

Client Top Ten Requested Traits

These traits have won us praise over many years: 1. Communicate well with me 2. Be competent and experienced, in technology and business 3. Establish good relationships and be a teammate of my staff 4. Demonstrate leadership 5. Be innovative and creative 6. Understand and address my real needs 7. Know and leverage the available resources for best results 8. Complete work on time and within budget 9. Be responsive 10. Do high quality work

Awareness Is The First Step In The Process Of Customer Creation (Sales)

"Customer Creation" is the lifeblood and purpose of any business, according to management guru, Peter Drucker. One view of the sales cycle is that Awareness is the first step in the multi-step process of Awareness ~> Knowledge ~> Selling ~> Closing. Guide Prospects Through The Sales Cycle This process of creating customers requires identifying prospects and guiding prospects through a well-conceived sales cycle. The process of engaging prospects should lead prospects to awareness of your brand and towards knowledge of your offerings and value proposition.

Marketing Automation & Drupal: Presentation by Jim Caruso to the Atlanta Drupal User Group (ADUG) April, 11, 2013