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One current topic: Jim is a speaker on the marketing technology stack and marketing software selection.

Jim has global experience speaking to audiences of small groups to groups of more than 1000. Examples include boards of directors, regional tech or marketing events, and global conferences from New York to New Delhi and Madrid to Sydney.

Jim briefed global business and technology executives in Beijing, Delhi, London, Madrid, New York, Río de Janeiro, Singapore, Sydney, and closer to home. The presentations include audiences of more than 1000, Finance, Marketing, Technical, and Boards.

Examples of where Jim spoke or presented

  • New York: Financial Industry Conference on Media & Cable
  • Dehli, London, Hong Kong, and Río de Janeiro: Board-level and Executive Presentations on Media & Cable
  • Beijing, Hangzhou, and Dehli: National Conference Presentations on Media & Marketing
  • Melbourne: Technical Presentation of Media & Cable Network Architectures
  • USA, UK, Finland, and Singapore: GIS & Mapping for Routing and Asset Inventory
  • Sydney: Marketing Conference on Media & Cable

His talks discuss pressing technological change, the basis of competition in an industry, and effective tools for digital marketing and the web.

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Here are some comments from talks on marketing, technology, performance, content, web content, performance, conversion, and SEO:

  • Steve MacGregor: The presentation was very informative and masterfully tailored to the needs of the audience.
  • Anselm Marie: Learned tons of information about SEO … Overall I completely enjoyed the presentation and food!!
  • Melvin Johnson: Very informative full of great insight and advice.
  • Kaleem Clarkson: Great presentation …
  • Mark Redfern: I really enjoyed Jim Caruso’s talk.
  • Grzesiek Paluch: Great presentation Jim! Thanks
  • Andy Thornton: (+1) Great group as always, thanks to Jim for his presentation.
  • It was a great presentation- Marie

Bio of Jim Caruso

Mr. Caruso is an executive manager of marketing, sales, and functional areas with a global record of achievement identifying key decision-makers and leading multi-national teams to sales, partnerships, and press coverage in software, digital media, telecommunications, and logistics. He successfully conceived, structured, and won complex, profitable deals of greater than $100 million.

His PR firm, MediaFirst, establishes market awareness and venture positioning that leads clients to success and profitable exit via merger, acquisition, or IPO.

Companies acquiring or investing his clients include Akamai, HP. Symantec, GE, TI, Logility, and many others. Clients achieved venture and private equity exits in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

To schedule Jim, call Becky Boyd at +1 770.642.2080, x214.