Video & Text Transcripts from SXSW

Here are transcripts of my videos from SXSW (a few years ago). There are several short videos, so I put them all on one page with the transcripts.

Need reasons to go the SXSW; here you go:

  • Connections with speakers and doers across disciplines
  • Cross-pollination of ideas and technologies
  • Authentic use of social media, including new apps
  • Celebrity sightings and connections
  • New apps launching with demos, trials, and active use
  • Trade Show for visibility, sales, and hiring

Make Great Connections

Jim Caruso here at South by Southwest. One of the great things about South by Southwest, or “South By” as it’s known, is that you meet all kinds of people. So you make connections locally, they connect you to regional states near you. I happen to be out of Atlanta; I met a bunch of guys from the Carolinas and Florida, but also it helps you to make connections on the West Coast. These can be great connections for partnership, for subcontracting to or from, the ability to form a company. There are all kinds of entrepreneurs launching companies here. It gets you close up and personal feeling for everything that’s being launched in the tech space in the social media space. I recommend South by Southwest (SXSW), give it a look.

Why I Like SXSW, Cross-Pollination of Technology, and Design

Jim Caruso for Media First again, broadcasting from South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, 2011. Lots of very interesting sessions. The thing that I like about South by Southwest is the cross-pollination, is what I call it. So you have front and web designers, and you have all kinds of programmers. You have marketing people of every flavor. PR, social media, and the really … I guess you could call it an emergent discipline, but it’s actually a very well-founded discipline of content strategy. So content for the web. So all these different sessions you can go to. So you can go to design one day, a mobile session the next day, and a content strategy the next day. Or hour by hour as you choose. South by Southwest. I highly recommended it.

SXSW for Authentic Social Media

Jim Caruso, South by Southwest, 2011. Why did I first come to Southby or South by Southwest, Southby, as it’s known? I came because I wanted to see its social media in action. So, if you want to see social media, this is the place to see it. Twitter was launched here, Foursquare, the Foursquare Gowalla battles with all the other location-based services is happening here on the ground by heavy users who are giving use cases, and accelerating adoption, and being examples for users all over the country. So this is a great place to launch a service, but it’s a great place to authentically take a look at what’s going on in launches, existing services, how it works, how people are implementing it.

You should take a look at South by Southwest as an event to attend if you’re interested in learning about social media on the ground.

Celebrities in the Mix, Bill Nye, the Science Guy

Walking by me just a second ago was Bill Nye the Science Guy. Wow, that’s just an example of the kind of celebrity that you might find just walking the halls here at South by Southwest, walking the convention floor, walking through the halls in the sessions, attending, presenting, hanging out after hours at all the events that are given by many sponsors–official and otherwise. Take a look. Bye.

Launching Right Here, Right Now

So here we are broadcasting. This is Jim Caruso with MediaFirst PR – Atlanta. broadcasting from South by Southwest (SXSW). So the big thing this year is private chat groups by companies such as ChatMe, Social Fast, and others that are providing a private space to do chat and interaction. You can tell your friends what bar you’re at. You can tell your friends what conference session you’re at. It’s a good way to get in touch. So that’s the latest thing from South by.

Turner Booth for Hiring Skillsets

Jim Caruso at Southwest Southwest. This is just a great example behind me. This is the Turner Broadcasting booth. They have the initiative to hire great talent. In the 15,000 or more attendees here at Southwest Southwest 2011, Turner is able to find great talent, present themselves and show what they’ve got going on on the web. See all the great brands and properties that they’re promoting and see how they connect to prospective employees for the skillsets that they’re looking for.

Take a look at Southwest Southwest. I recommend it.

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