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Jim Caruso is CEO of M1PR, Inc., a Logistics PR Agency

Logistics PR Agency

M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR – Atlanta is a National Technology, Software, and Logistics PR Agency.

    • Jim Caruso provides experienced PR logistics agency services. He is dedicated to creating a presence in your target market. Schedule a consultation today

You earn press coverage through media relations, gain industry analyst praise, are noticed by your bylined articles, announce and distribute press releases, win significant industry awards, attract readers via blog content, garner speaking opportunities, and engage on social media.

You get a great strategy, positioning, writing, and guidance.

Your value proposition is articulated in the authentic words of your audience.

Long Track Record of Client Success

For ten years, MediaFirst has powered clients to success through public relations:

    • Awareness and market standing versus the competition
    • Knowledge and clarity of brand and value proposition
    • Positive perception and lead generation
    • Acquisition and exit for owners, shareholders, and VCs

Awareness & Knowledge Lead to Selling & Closing

To accomplish your goals, we craft marketing and PR agency programs that:

    • Create awareness in your target markets
    • Build mindshare
    • Impart knowledge of your value proposition
    • Establish and leverage customer loyalty
    • Synchronize the marketing attack
    • Secure executive thought-leadership
    • Engage and grow audiences
    • Outmaneuver and outshine the competition

Earned Media Attention

MediaFirst PR shows target audiences how your firm is firing on all cylinders with a compelling value proposition, impressive management, large markets, and an ability to execute.

Increase Company Valuation

Market awareness of your successes increases the valuation of your firm, generates sales leads, attracts investor interest (Angel, Seed, VC, Private Equity), and creates a competitive advantage.

Be Famous, Get Acquired

Jim’s PR firm establishes market awareness and venture positioning for clients that close sales, raise venture funding, and result in a profitable exit.

Companies acquiring or investing in his clients include Akamai, HP, GE, TI, Logility, private equity firms, and many others.

Three clients achieved venture exit in 2016.

Exit by Acquisition, IPO, or Merger

Successful exits facilitated by Tech PR Agency MediaFirst include Transportation Insight (Private equity deal, 2019), Gideon Technologies of Alpharetta, GA (acquired by Symantec), Elemica of PA (Private equity deal, 2016), Eircom of Connecticut (IPO in 2004), ExtremeLogic of Atlanta, GA (acquired by HP), International Asset Systems of CA (Acquired in 2016), LeanLogistics of Michigan (acquired, now known as BlueJay Solutions), Optimus Solutions of Norcross, GA (acquired), Optiant of Boston, MA (acquired by Logility), W&H Systems of NJ (2016), and more.

Get Leads. Create Customers

Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing improve lead generation while reducing cost per lead. Create a regular program of web and blog content, coupled with Calls-To-Action (CTA), Landing Pages, and follow-up with an email lead nurturing campaign.


Find target customers, generate leads, attract investors, and prove your success.

Select MediaFirst for growth, funding, acquisition, or exit.

Treat the Media as a Customer for Better Press

We get you consistently better media coverage by better serving your audiences, starting with the media (reporters and editors), but also customers, prospects, industry analysts, alliance partners, influencers, and the public.

Call, Text, Email, or Chat

MediaFirst has clients from venture start-ups to multi-billion dollar, global companies.

We deliver and orchestrate media interviews, press releases, blog posts, award opportunities, speaking engagements, and lead generation.

Call MediaFirst at 770.642.2080 to explore ideas for publicity and growth.