About Jim Caruso


Marketing Consulting & Publicity

Jim Caruso helps private technology ventures to create awareness in their niche, show their firm is firing on all cylinders, demonstrate a compelling value proposition, highlight the talented management team, attack a large growing market, and demonstrate how they execute well.

His tactics expand audiences, generate leads, attract investors, and solidify success. Clients select Jim and MediaFirst when looking for growth, funding, IPO, acquisition, and exit.

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Experience & Focus

Jim maintains alignment of business activities with strategic intent for his firm and its clients. Internally, his concerns are the strategy, process, execution, finance, and quality.

He has expertise in technology, engineering, new media, telecom, cable, Information Technology (IT), product development, and the product release life cycle.

This experience provides Jim with a deep understanding of how high technology affects business trends, how to position high technology solutions, and why it matters to your audience.


  • Executive manager
  • Creator of opportunities and customers, deal-maker
  • Global technology evangelist
  • Writer, marketer, and speaker
  • Manager /enabler of domestic and multi-national teams, including remote teams
  • Solver of issues in business, sales, marketing, PR, and engineering


Jim is interested in the confluence of publicity, social media, blogging, semantic web, and blog/CMS engines such as Drupal or WordPress, quality, and everything tech. He enjoys and believes in building speedy, web-standards-compliant and accessible websites.

Bleeding Edge Adopter & Lover of Technology

A guy from Earth. Bleeding-edge, early adopter. Dangerously technical.

A proponent of transparency, liberty, and the Open Web.

Advocate for good.

We’ve used WordPress (WordPress.org) for a long time for many projects. We like Drupal (Drupal.org), too.

Although not https, you can find social media postings aggregated at social.jimcaruso.com

MediaFirst PR – Atlanta

MediaFirst is a media relations agency that excels in obtaining industry press interviews and positive business press; blogging about industry issues and helping your customers; winning awards for clients; securing speaking engagements for clients; blogging about an industry; creating awareness of client companies and offerings through social media; and helping companies connect with industry analysts to generate recognition and validation.

MediaFirst is known as a top technology PR agency with expertise as a software PR agency and a specialization as a logistics PR firm. The firm also handles PR for companies in manufacturing, transportation, and consumer (B2C).