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I don’t like apps that let another person take over your computer; this is an information security (infosec) issue. Therefore, I don’t do LogMeIn or remote desktop applications. If you really force me to, I have allowed this on a spare machine with me watching the process and then wipe the disk clean and reinstall the OS).

These enable collaboration needs by allowing calls via audio or video call. Some have tools for presentations, screen sharing, or drawing on a virtual whiteboard. These are considered conference calling and web meeting apps.

Here is my latest list of applications for video conferencing:

Amazon Chime

Clearly, with Amazon’s lead in cloud computing with Amazon Web Services, the existence of AWS-powered applications is a given.

I like this because it is lightweight, as in it does not require a download and code on your machine to run. This makes your computer more secure.


BlueJeans is a conferencing app that offers video calls, screen-sharing, and live streaming. It does not require you to install any app to join; you can connect from a web browser. I was on a call recently where a vendor used BlueJeans for what ended up being a voice call and I was satisfied with voice quality and connection.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is video conferencing software with a collaborative whiteboard while seeing everyone’s faces in the video call.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a great part of Google’s GSuite business applications that begin with GMail. Your GSuite administrator can turn on or off the ability to create a Hangout automatically when you create a meeting invite with Google Calendar within GSuite.

GoToMeeting is part of LogMeIn

I have to admit that I do not like apps that require a software download to run. In addition, this company makes LogMeIn which can take control of your computer for remote support, but I see this as an information security issue.


This is another lightweight app that makes it easy to log in with a link or just the name of the presenter (or company). However, it is also part of the  LogMeIn family of conferencing products but appears to have less of a security issue for the conference viewer/participant.

RingCentral Meetings

Hundreds can be on a call at once. It includes screen sharing and a whiteboard with annotation tools.


Slack (now has built-in screen sharing)


Starleaf has web conferencing, audio and video calls, and team chat that is like group text.


Zoom has screen sharing but requires you to download software It does not run in a web browser.

More Guidance on Video Conferencing Apps

One of my favorite sources on app advice is the Zapier blog:

Zapier Blog: Blog Home The 12 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Teams


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