What Happened to My Technorati Profile?

Technorati profiles are history.


Update 7-2-2018

The Technorati blog index and rankings are gone.

As of 2016, Technorati was acquired by Synacor.

Blog indexes were one backlink for SEO and a source of curation for the early Web 2.0

Here is a TechCrunch article on Technorati, just after my 2005 blog post: Technorati Beta Profile.

Here is a 2014 post on the sunsetting of Technorati: RIP Technorati Blog Search & Rankings: The Once Popular Blog Tools Have Been Sunset.

From Wikipedia on Technorati:

Technorati was a publisher advertising platform that served as an advertising solution for the thousands of websites in its network.[3]Technorati launched its ad network in 2008, and at one time was one of the largest ad networks reaching more than 100 million unique visitors per month.[4] The name Technorati was a portmanteau of the words technology and literati, which invokes the notion of technological intelligence or intellectualism.

The company’s core product was previously an Internet search engine for searching blogs. The website stopped indexing blogs and assigning authority scores in May 2014 with the launch of its new website, which is focused on online publishing and advertising.[7] Technorati was founded by Dave Sifry, with its headquarters in San FranciscoCaliforniaUSAKevin Marks was the site’s Principal Engineer.[8] Tantek Çelik was the site’s Chief Technologist.


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