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I don’t like apps that let another person take over your computer; this is an information security (infosec) issue. Therefore, I don’t do LogMeIn or remote desktop applications. If you really force me to, I have allowed this on a spare machine with me watching the process and then wipe the disk clean and reinstall the OS).

Here is my latest list of applications for video conferencing:

Amazon Chime

Clearly, with Amazon’s lead in cloud computing with Amazon Web Services the existence of AWS-powered applications is a given.

I like this because it is lightweight, as in it does not require a download and code on your machine to run. This makes your computer more secure.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a great part of Google’s GSuite business applications that begin with GMail. Your GSuite administrator can turn on or off the ability to create a Hangout automatically when you create a meeting invite with Google Calendar within GSuite.


GoToMeeting is part of LogMeIn

I have to admit that I do not like apps that require a software download to run. In addition, this company makes LogMeIn which can take control of your computer for remote support, but I see this as an information security issue.


This is another lightweight app that makes it easy to log in with a link or just the name of the presenter (or company). However, it is also part of the  LogMeIn family of conferencing products, but appears to have less of a security issue for the conference viewer/participant.


Slack (now has built-in screen sharing)


One of my favorite sources on app advice is the Zapier blog:

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