Rapidly Growing List of Georgia Breweries

This blog post is a work in progress. I hope to find and add new breweries as they open. Here in Roswell, two new breweries are likely to open in the next 30 days including Variant Brewing Company and From The Earth Brewing Company.

Well, after decades of limited brewpubs, few craft beers, and no independent brewers in Georgia, the laws were changed and that opened what seem to be the floodgates of indy breweries.

I’m not complaining at all btw.

First, My Favorite Spots

These are my favorite places for craft beers. Some have outstanding food. Some accommodate my four-legged girlfriend, Cissie (picture below). Some have great decks or inside charm.

For indoor charm and food: The Brick Store Pub in Decatur. It’s not a brewpub but a bar and restaurant with an amazing beer selection, a Belgian Bar, and delicious food.

Outdoor spaces:

Monday Night Brewing, – both the new “Garage” and the original location are dog-friendly, spacious, and have different selections of great beers.

Wild Heaven Beer has a wide selection of beers that taste great; my pick for most drinkable beers, lots of space, dog-friendly, and some food trucks.

Hop Alley, a brewpub in Alpharetta, has good food and lots of craft beer choices; its outdoor space in the back and the front make it easy to find a shaded spot in hot weather for you and your dog. NOTE: the latest news is that Currahee Brewing is replacing Hop Alley –

The Wrecking Bar Brewpub has indoor charm, outdoor space, and a couple of different indoor event spaces with some of the best local craft beer tasting events, including the Strong Beer Festival in December each year. Dog-friendly and delicious food, too.

Breweries I Visited

For example, I had attended the opening of Monday Night Brewing about six years ago and just attended their opening on the Westside Trail of the Atlanta Beltline.

So far, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 5 Seasons BrewingAbbey of the Holy Goats, Cherry Street Brewing CooperativeGate City Brewing Co., Hop Alley, Monday Night Brewing, Orpheus, Red Brick, Red Hare, Reformation Brewery, Scofflaw, and Second Self.

Have Not Gotten To Visit These

I’ve not gotten to too many others including Arches BrewingJekyll Brewing, etc.

I’m going to try to keep up with all the announcements about breweries and locations.

Big List of Georgia BreweriesIMG_4365.jpg (becoming Currahee)



One of my drinking buddies, Cissie!



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