Still Hot On A New Mobile Phone

BODY: Well, if you read my posts about the ETEN, you know I got cut by the bleeding edge of tech. The issue was the phone's reception on the T-Mobile network. I did love my Samsung Palm device and before that a couple of Kyocera (Qualcomm) devices that also ran the PalmOS. Currently, there are a number of great devices running PocketPC, PalmOS, and Symbian variants that are very appealing. Of course, the most appealing – from SonyEricsson and Nokia – are not on the market, yet. In addition, they seem unlikely to hit the shores of the USA until later in 2006. The ability to sync contact lists, receive e-mail and text messages, and have some Web access are all features that I care about. A quad-band world-wide GSM phone is my preference, in large part because T-Mobile is least expensive and I do some traveling. A camera would be nice and there are many phones that include them. I don't think mobile phones are the right platform for video at this time. The video quality of phones – and even my Canon digital camera – is generally unacceptable for my purposes.

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