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 Landline Bundles Appeal, But Broadband More Compelling Than Phone

In-Stat (19 July 2005) research corroborates my last post about the changes facing landline telecom carriers (ILEC, CLEC).

The survey specifically assesses bundled telecom services. Bundling of services reinforces the tie between the supplier and customer and counters competition, specifically switching carriers (providers).

 Decline in personal morality

BODY: On, by Demir Barlas writes an article entitled "Hackers and Employment, What the heck's wrong with us?"  His take on the decline in "personal morality" in the United States continues to trouble me because of the truth within his observation. He writes, "All too many Americans stand ready to pimp themselves, and the system is now designed to reward rather than discourage them. This is an arrangement that the rest of the world rightly considers hypocritical and, despite all talk of globalism, will never emulate."

 Top 100 InfoSec Tools

Find the top 100 information security tools at: This is a great list that includes apps for many platforms, ports to additional OS, and a link to each of the top 100 as well as alternatives in the same category. If you sell InfoSec hardware, software, or services this Web site is a worthy candidate for your advertising dollars.

 Update on the Mobile Phone Pick: E-TEN M500 Pocket PC (EN)

BODY: This is a well-crafted device. However, I just was unable to get consistent reception via T-Mobile in north Atlanta. This is a great example of the potential pain of living on technology's bleeding edge - sometimes you bleed. I've sold that device over eBay (the Expansys return policy only provides for 15 days).

 Still Hot On A New Mobile Phone

BODY: Well, if you read my posts about the ETEN, you know I got cut by the bleeding edge of tech. The issue was the phone's reception on the T-Mobile network. I did love my Samsung Palm device and before that a couple of Kyocera (Qualcomm) devices that also ran the PalmOS. Currently, there are a number of great devices running PocketPC, PalmOS, and Symbian variants that are very appealing. Of course, the most appealing - from SonyEricsson and Nokia - are not on the market, yet. In addition, they seem unlikely to hit the shores of the USA until later in 2006.

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