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 Suzanne Vega does virtual concert on Second Life

MMO's (Multi-Player Online) Game [or MMORPG ( Role Playing Games)] offer people to present themselves through an online environment via an avatar. I am fascinated by how businesses may eventually use this technology. It is clear that there is Real Money Trade (RMT) in online gaming, but not clear what transition will give us all the ability to do business through our avatar. In the mean time, it was nice to hear of this first live concert via avatar.

Nokia N80 Is a great mobile phone

I decided on my next mobile telephone, the Nokia N80 ( It's a quad-band GSM phone with the full array of the top features that i wanted. First, it is a phone, not a computer shunk to the size of a handheld and using a computer user interface. Nokia's Symbian 60 series OS is designed for mobile phones and therefore nice to use. It has a great screen resolution and all the functionality that I view as useful. It has a radio and music player that I was surprised to find so useful and with good sound quality.

 Favorite infosec maillists

Okay, since I blogged the top software, I need to mention my favorite 2 mail lists: Infowarrior mailing list via and ISN: InfoSec News Many thanks to the organizers - and many contributors.

 NY Times changes size, news content, etc,

The New York Times newspaper is changing format, going to a 48 inch width web and adding more pages for a net reduction in news content of 5%. Consolidating printing plants will reduce jobs. The following internal NYT memos were found here

Clearly, $41 million in annual savings, smaller size, and less paper are substantive reasons for change. The editors hope to cut the 5% in length and maintain the same news content and value. The NYT remains a great paper.

Memos from NY Times Times president, Scott Heekin-Canedy, and Executive Editor, Bill Keller, are below.

 PR Trends: Social Networking Sites, Press Release Templates, Etc.

This is a well-considered blog entry (17 July 2006) by Andy Lark on trends affecting PR, such as the influence of social networking on public relations.

1.) Certainly citizen journalism is immediate and ubiquitous, but it doesn't replace professional journalists. There are micro channels, but for our clients this has not changed the basis of competition. In addition, many on the bleeding edge flock to the many innovative offerings of Web 2.0 companies. However, those of us that test the many new offerings do not constitute a mainstream audience for these services. Many Web 2.0 offerings are interesting, but not ubiquitous, unique - or more importantly critical. There are a very few Web 2.0 offerings provide reach to targeted audiences - and large audiences.

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