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I just have to say how much I like It presents many of the best news stories along with in-depth ratings by serious readers.

I like the sidebar with the list of "Other Profiles"

I've decided that I like the sidebar with the list of "Other Profiles," available here on Pownce.

Mashups via Open Social

Umm ... I know I'm not alone on this, but mashups via Open Social are very cool. Trying to use Google apps and hoping that's a good place to create some mashups for business. I'm also in an beta mashup-app-building tool.


Just started a page at for our first team here in Atlanta. I found crowdvine through a conference I'm attending next week at Georgia Tech on technology in journalism.

Friend suggestions on Pownce

It seems that Pownce doesn't really have any of my facebook or google friends, but just randomly suggests people with similar names. At first I thought this was stupid, but then I recognized how hard it seems to find old friends or relatives when you don't have their latest e-mail.

Marketing Automation & Drupal: Presentation by Jim Caruso to the Atlanta Drupal User Group (ADUG) April, 11, 2013